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Innovating from Experience

DataRM is led by a team of industry veterans who bring with them a wealth of experience in navigating complex regulatory environments and public sector work.

We understand the intricacies of industry-specific challenges and the art of creating bespoke solutions to surpass these hurdles. Building on years of experience building Microsoft Power Apps solutions for public and private customers, we are uniquely positioned to harness the capabilities of Microsoft Azure OpenAI and prepare our clients for the implementation of Microsoft Fabric.

Our veteran leadership, coupled with our technical prowess in Azure OpenAI, separates us from other Microsoft vendors. We leverage this blend of experience and cutting-edge AI technology to craft solutions that exceed client expectations. With our forward-looking approach, we're equipping businesses to meet the future head-on, transforming their operations and their ability to excel in an increasingly digitized landscape.

As we anticipate the full public roll out of Microsoft Copilot and Microsoft Fabric, we're spearheading initiatives and exploring avenues to make the transition as seamless as possible for our clients. At DataRM, we're not just another tech company — we are architects of digital futures, preparing organizations to embrace and lead in the evolving technological landscape.

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