Case and Client Management

Managing Case Management

Imagine the daily work of a team member, already accustomed to using tools such as Excel, Word, and Outlook. With the introduction of Power Apps, instead of learning a completely new system, they continue working smoothly with a tool that integrates effortlessly with their familiar Office 365 environment.

Power Apps can access data from Excel for processing or send automated emails through Outlook. Create or update a case from an email, without leaving Outlook. Check on the status of an active request on approved mobile device in Microsoft Teams. In effect, the staff are not so much learning a new tool, as extending the capabilities of tools they already use.

DataReady Solution Features

Case Tracking

Tracking case progress from start to finish. Maintain constant visibility into key dates, tasks, and statuses related to each case.

Case Assignment

Automate the process of assigning cases to the appropriate staff members based on predefined criteria, such as workload, expertise, or geographic location.


Facilitate communication related to cases, including communication between staff members and communication with clients.


Uploading and store documents, track document versions, and control document access. Export to the products you use every day with seamless integration between DataReady and Microsoft 365.

Reporting and Analytics

Generate reports and analytics related to case management, such as case load statistics, case resolution times, and trends in case types.

Comprehensive Visibility

DataRM offers a comprehensive view into your case management, delivering invaluable insights, enhancing operational efficiency, improving decision-making, and driving performance optimization in an intuitive, user-friendly platform.

Details You Need

Experience unparalleled transparency with DataRM's customized case-level views, offering complete audit trails and tracking capabilities to ensure accountability, data accuracy, and enhanced oversight of your operations.

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