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The New Fabric of Business

Welcome to the new era of business intelligence with Microsoft Fabric.

Offering shared experiences that are familiar and easy to learn, Fabric is built to empower developers with easy access and reuse of all assets. What’s more, Fabric’s unique unified data lake retains your data in-place, enabling you to employ your favorite analytics tools without relocation. But the magic doesn’t stop there – with centralized administration and governance across all experiences, IT teams gain unparalleled control over configuring core enterprise capabilities. Plus, the automatic application of permissions and data sensitivity labels across all services and items in the suite, your organization can maintain a strong stance on security. Through this seamless integration, Fabric helps creators focus on their best work, without worrying about managing or understanding the underlying infrastructure. This is the power of Microsoft Fabric, where we make the complex, simple.

In this new world of data, we understand the need for customizable experiences for your unique needs, and that's precisely what Microsoft Fabric delivers. The platform includes industry-leading experiences in categories such as Data Engineering, Data Factory, Data Science, Data Warehouse, Real-Time Analytics, and Power BI. Each experience is designed with a specific persona and task in mind, ensuring a tailored experience for each user. With Microsoft Fabric, large and complex data repositories are transformed into actionable workloads and analytics. Discover the power of a data mesh architecture implementation that turns complexity into comprehensibility, and data into decisions.

The cornerstone of Microsoft Fabric's services is OneLake, our unified data lake storage solution. With OneLake, you'll enjoy a seamless SaaS experience and a tenant-wide store for data serving both professional and citizen developers. All developers share a unified storage system, making data discovery and sharing effortless, while compliance with policy and security settings are uniformly and centrally enforced. Picture it: no more data silos, no more confusing infrastructure concepts, and no need for individual Azure accounts. Just a single, unified data lake on which you can build and manage your data-driven enterprise. And, OneLake doesn't stop at data storage. All Microsoft Fabric compute experiences - Data Engineering, Data Warehouse, Data Factory, Power BI, and Real-Time Analytics - are prewired to OneLake. No additional configuration required.

With Microsoft Fabric, we are revolutionizing business intelligence, data storage, and data processing, making it simpler, more integrated, and ultimately more efficient. Enter the next level of data analytics with Microsoft Fabric - your future-forward, one-stop platform for enterprise analytics.

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