Meet AVA.

Azure-backed AI for Enterprise

Apply the power of secure generative AI to your business data. Chat, search knowledge bases and connect with the business tools you already use … all in one flexible workspace for everyone on your team.

Welcome to your AI Workspace.

With AVA, you can create content securely with Microsoft Azure-hosted GPT-4, then save, edit and publish your content in the same screen without switching tools. Compose emails, write marketing plans, edit contract language … all inside AVA.

Connect Your Tools

Data is the lifeblood of your organization, and AVA puts data from your organization at your fingertips. Sharepoint, Salesforce, DevOps, Jira … all in one place.

Stop Context Switching

Stop spending all your time switching between multiple tools for every task. With AVA, you can trigger workflows, write content, send messages and more … all in the same window.

Manage Visibility

Data security is essential for business. Your Azure AD roles drive the visibility of data inside AVA, helping you control access to sensitive information.

Built for Productivity

Secure AI Chat

Leverage the full power of Azure OpenAI's GPT-4 for everyone in your organization. Your data stays secure inside your organization's Azure tenant.

Knowledge Search

Make your corporate knowledge base available on demand for your employees. Search product documentation, spot trends in data, and revolutionize training and onboarding.

Connected Tools

Analyze client messages in Salesforce, read commit messages from GitHub, summarize release notes in Jira … the possibilities are endless with AVA's unique API layer.

Microsoft Backed

AVA integrates seamlessly with Office 365. Update Teams chats, send emails through Outlook, create Word documents … it is all possible with AVA.

Your Data, Secured by Microsoft Azure

Nothing matters more to your business than your data. This is why AVA is backed by the power of Microsoft Azure.

  • Comprehensive Security: Azure employs state-of-the-art security measures like Advanced Threat Protection and Identity and Access Management to keep your data safe.
  • Advanced Encryption: Azure offers encryption both in transit and at rest, ensuring your data is always secure.
  • Unified Management: With Azure Security Center, we manage security policies across all workloads, maintaining a consistent and robust security posture.
  • Compliance Assurance: Azure's multiple industry certifications validate its commitment to data security, crucial for our business and our clients.

A Unified AI Layer for Your Data

Businesses need more than virtual assistants. They need enterprise-grade productivity. This means connecting your data through AVA to unlock new capabilities for your organization.

Regardless of where your data lives, AVA can understand the relationships and connections between your documents and data.

With AVA, the data in the services and software you use is freed from information silos. Now Jira can talk to Teams, Hubspot can see Github, Sharepoint can connect to Notion. What you do with those connections is up to you.

Just remember … 

AI is currently the worst it will ever be.

The tools powering the next wave of business innovation are still in their infancy, and they are growing fast. We can help you keep pace with the changing landscape of business.