Go beyond chat.

Unleash AI across your business.

Chat, AI Workspaces and AI Tasks connected to your data, leveraging Azure OpenAI

Unlock your data and empower your people with connected enterprise AI.

Protect Your Data
Secure access to GPT-4, Turbo and Vision in your Azure cloud
Spend Less
Compared to ChatGPT Teams and Enterprise plans
Deploy in a Day
On Your Corporate Microsoft Azure Instance

Book a Demo

Let a member of our team show you why AVA is truly AI for enterprise.

Gen AI for Enterprise

Secure OpenAI

Use the power of OpenAI's models securely inside your organization.

AI Workspaces

Create, edit and share your work, all without leaving AVA.

AVA AI Tasks

Build, save and share tasks to quickly analyze, compare and create document.

Shared Sessions

Create shared workspaces to collaborate with teammates

Keep Your Data Where it Lives.
Run GPT-4 in the Privacy of Azure.

DataRM connects your enterprise applications without migrating your data. AVA lives inside Microsoft Azure, meaning your data stays secure.

Easily manage access through Entra
Gain critical business intelligence
Guarantee data security
Meet AVA
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