About DataRM

Building the Future of AI for Business

At DataRM, we build AI for business that combines the security of Azure with the power of cutting-edge AI models like OpenAI's GPT-4.

DataRM's expertise in the Microsoft ecosystem allows us deliver enterprise-ready AI solutions that fit the realities of your business.

Expert Team with a Track Record of Innovation
Commitment to Data Security and Privacy
Vision for Transforming Business Operations

Meet The Team

DataRM has a long history of deep experience with the Microsoft ecosystem. Directors Mason Schuler and Rick Seeger drew on this experience when focusing the vision of DataRM for the AI revolution.  

With a long roster of federal and state government clients, as well as private sector experience, DataRM is built on a deep commitment to security and a clear understanding of the needs of our clients.

Your Partners in AI

DataRM does more than develop cutting-edge software solutions. We partner with our clients through development and consulting to provide transformative insight and effective solutions to power the future of business.


Businesses needs AI, and they need it now. DataRM can get AI running on your cloud in less than a day after dependencies are met.


AVA is valuable from day one, but the real power of AI comes with customization. DataRM can build unique tools to meet your specific business needs.


DataRM can do more than provide great tooling. We can help you understand and transform business processes to increase productivity.

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Businesses know they need AI, but they don't know where to start. DataRM can help keep you ahead of the AI wave.