The Power of Unified AI for Business

Using AI for business doesn't mean AI in all your tools, it means AI that can use all your tools.

It is no secret AI has proven to be a transformative force for business. The alluring promise of increased productivity, sharper insights, and the ability to stay a step ahead of the competition is obvious. However, as you integrate AI into your business processes, a new challenge arises — the proliferation of isolated AIs across various business tools creating data silos and inflating costs.

The Fragmented AI Dilemma

The appeal of AI is undeniable, but as you adopt more tools with built-in AI capabilities, it's akin to hiring a team of experts who aren't talking to each other. Each tool becomes an island of intelligence, capable of insightful analytics and predictions in its domain, but unable to see beyond its own data set. This can leave a business facing a two-fold challenge:

  1. Data Silos: AI systems operating in isolation impedes the flow of information across your business operations. This can also lead to inconsistent or even contradictory insights, as different AIs may analyze overlapping datasets in varying ways.
  2. Rising Per-Seat Costs: Individual AIs come with individual price tags, often based on per-seat licensing. As your company grows, and you need to add more seats to your tools, costs can escalate rapidly. This per-seat pricing model can quickly become unsustainable, particularly when the incremental value of adding users diminishes as your team grows.

The Unified AI Imperative

The antidote to the fragmented AI conundrum is a unified AI business layer — one central intelligence hub that connects all of your tools to your business data. This is not just a technical solution; it's a strategic one, providing several key advantages:

  • Holistic Insights: A unified AI platform can analyze data across all business functions, providing a 360-degree view of your operations. This holistic perspective enables more accurate forecasting, streamlined decision-making, and a better understanding of customer behavior and market trends.
  • Efficiency and Collaboration: With all your tools speaking the same language, your teams can collaborate more effectively. Data is shared seamlessly, workflows are synchronized, and productivity barriers associated with cross-referencing information from multiple systems are removed.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: By consolidating your AI capabilities into one platform, you can eliminate redundant software licenses and reduce the complexity of your tech stack. This not only leads to direct cost savings but also reduces the training and onboarding time for new team members.

Introducing AVA: Unified AI for the Modern Enterprise

AVA meets the needs of forward-thinking executives and directors who recognize the potential of AI but are wary of the pitfalls of a disjointed implementation. AVA is an Azure-based AI platform that stands out by connecting your existing business tools like Hubspot, Jira, Salesforce, Sharepoint and more under one secure, AI-enriched umbrella.

AVA doesn't replace your existing tools; it supercharges them. AVA uses DataRM's proprietary API layer to integrate with your current tech stack, drawing from each tool's data to create a customizable, unified interface for your data. By connecting this data, you can use AVA to deliver predictive analytics, spot trends, and create workflows and connections to supercharge business efficiency.

  • Cross-Tool Learning: By surfacing data across different platforms, AVA provides nuanced insights that individual AIs can’t achieve on their own.
  • Data Democratization: With AVA, data is no longer locked away in siloed applications. Instead, it's accessible and actionable across departments, fostering a culture of data-driven decision-making.
  • Future-Proof Technology: As your business evolves, so does AVA. By adapting to new tools and data types, AVA ensures your AI capabilities grow in tandem with your company.

As you navigate the complexities of integrating AI into your business, remember one thing; the key to effectively use AI is more than what your individual tools can do. The way your tools connect and communicate with one another is the future of business.

A unified AI application like AVA can break down data silos, reduce per-seat costs, and most importantly, unlock the full potential of your data to empower your business decisions. Join us in redefining the future of business intelligence.

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